Pure Marine Collagen Peptides | Type 1 & 3 | 50g | 10g p/Serving (Sample Pouch)

Product Description

★ This is a 50g sample pouch | See how TASTE FREE and EASILY IT DISSOLVES in your coffee or tea.

★ Same Marine Collagen as the TUB. Type 1 & 3 | 10g daily | 5 servings | Sample pouch

★ This is a HOT Water Soluble powder ★ Great in Teas, Coffees. It's Great in Smoothies but you must use a mixer | Excellent in Cooking as a Stock or in Soups. ★ Sustainably Farmed Fish, Hydrolysed, NO Additives, Colours, Fillers, Preservatives I NO Hormones, Antibiotics, Dioxin, PCB used in our Fish ★ We offer only the Cleanest Marine Collagen on the Market ★ 100% Fish Skins Only I Always Lab tested.

★ CONTAINS ALL ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS, The Ones that Our Body cannot manufacture but Needs to Repair Muscles and other Major Components | Dissolves Best in Hot Drinks (teas, coffees or soups), When Adding to Cold Drinks, make a little paste first in hot water to avoid clumping ★ USE A MIXER for Smoothies, Great as a Cooking and Baking ingredient :)

Imported from UK

Colour:50g Sample

WHY MARINE COLLAGEN? Marine Collagen is the body´s structural protein. Collagen is essential in our body and
as we age the natural production decreases. Research has shown that taking Marine Collagen of the highest standard is an
excellent support for the body and skin. You initiate more Collagen molecules by taking it orally and therefor provide
your body with the vital support it needs. It benefits anyone who exercises regularly and engages in healthy living. NOT
ALL COLLAGEN IS CREATED EQUAL Our Marine Collagen is 100% hydrolysed protein powder and gives you the optimum absorption
potential there is. It is of supreme quality, high in Protein and is 99.9% Amino Acids of which 14.5% are essential. It
has NO fat or carbohydrates and is low in calories. It mixes easily with HOT water, hot and cold drinks, smoothies,
juices, porridge or cereals. No cluttering when stirred well and highly absorbable by the body. It helps with weight
management, stiff muscles and increases sports performance. It gives drinks and food a rich creamy texture without the
fishy odour or taste! Our Marine Collagen is sustainably made from 100% fish skin. Sourced and manufactured in Europe
then packaged in the UK for Wellness Lab ltd. MARINE vs. BOVINE Fish Collagen has a smaller particle size than bovine
and is therefor far more bioavailable. Bovine often has digestive enzymes (bromelain) to help break it down in the body.
Marine Collagen attracts a larger customer base as the consumer preference for fish exceeds cow (bovine). Our product is

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