• ESSENTIAL REPLACEMENTS: You can now perfectly seal and preserve your food, even if you lose the gasket of your jar, with these amazing replacement gaskets! The rubber rings come in a set of 6 so you can always have a replacement within reach and keep your jars securely locked..
  • ORIGINAL ITALIAN DESIGN: Forget about the cheap imitations! These jar replacement gaskets are made in Italy and have the original design so you can rest assured that you’re getting nothing less than the absolute best!.
  • PBPA FREE. PREMIUM QUALITY: The jar sealing rings are made with the finest quality food-grade rubber that is perfectly safe for you and your family. The replacement gaskets are very strong and flexible for unique durability so they can stay in top condition no matter what!.
  • THE PERFECT SIZE: The rubber replacement gaskets have a diameter of 3.5’’ so they can perfectly fit any standard-mouthed storing or canning container. The sealing rings are compatible with Fido glass jars and they will give you maximum results and unique performance every time!.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The rubber replacement gaskets are very easy to care for so you can easily keep them in top condition for a long time! Just make sure to hand wash them with some warm water and a bit of soap and you’re good to go!.
  • Imported from USA.
The Perfect Gaskets For Your Jars! Don’t you just hate it when you lose the gasket of your jar or when the ring breaks? Do you need some replacements just in case or to seal a jar that is missing a gasket? Are you looking for gaskets that will perfectly fit your Fido jar? Then look no further because we have exactly what you need! The Bormioli Rocco replacement gaskets for Fido jars are everything you’ve been looking for! The Perfect Set-No need to worry about looking for a replacement gasket for each one of your storing and canning jars! This set of replacement gaskets will provide you with 6 high quality rings so you can have one close at hand whenever you need it! Unique Compatibility- The Bormioli Rocco replacement gaskets were specially designed to perfectly fit your Fido glass jars. The replacement rings have a diameter of 3.5’’ so they can securely seal your jars for perfect preservation. Superior Quality- These original Italian jar gaskets are crafted to perfection with special attention to detail for flawless results and unique durability. They are made with BPA Free, food-grade rubber that is perfectly safe to come into contact with your food, and they are also very flexible and strong. So Hurry Up And Get Yours Now! Just Click “Add To Cart”

Bormioli Rocco Jar Replacement Gaskets (Set of 6): 3.5’’ Diameter Fido Jar Compatible, Food Grade Rubber, Leakproof…

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