• SAFER WAY TO CLEAN - LUCKY CLOVER Menstrual Cup Cleaner uses no detergent or soap which is likely to cause imbalance in the pH range of vagina,which in turn increases the risk of getting any form of vaginal infections and from which odor arises.Portable Sterilizer is a great complement or alternative for menstrual cup wash..
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL & HOME -LUCKY CLOVER Menstrual Cup Cleaner will get rid of all the bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold..
  • The cleaner is compatible with all kinds of menstrual cups. Easy to carry.Perfect for travel or home use, fits your travel bag without pressure..
  • Portable cleaner is a great alternative for washing the menstrual cup.This product does not use detergent or soap that is likely to cause imbalance in the pH range of the vagina, and increases the risk of getting some form of vaginal infections..
  • 100% SATISFACATION GUARANTEE: Our products have first-class quality, you can rest assured to buy. Your satisfaction is our priority, and making sure you get the maximum value for your money is our primary aim..
  • Imported from USA.
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LUCKY CLOVER Menstrual Cup Sterilizer - Menstrual Cup sterilizer Tablet- Your Period Cup is Clean

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