• AN EXCELLENT ALTERNATIVE TO FIRM, UGLY LAMPSHADE-STYLE RECOVERY COLLAR --- The cushioned collar of the SunGrow Pet Cute Comfy Cone is one fine alternative to the recovery collar cones of yesteryears. Wearing this soft collar, your cute-looking pet can roam freely without feeling its weight. Perfect for the happy, post-surgery selfies with your poochie..
  • FOR FASTER, QUICKER HEALING --- For injured pets, it’s a natural tendency to bite or lick annoying spot after the surgery. The pink polka dotted collar by SunGrow is ideal for this situation. The surgery recovery cone prevents pets from scratching their hotspot, wounds, stitches, allergy flare ups or rashes. It also works great for pets with skin conditions and as an effective grooming cone. It heals your pet comfortably. Veterinarian-tested and recommended for speedy recovery of your little one.
  • ENSURES MAXIMUM COMFORT & VISIBILITY --- The Comfy Cone collar doesn’t interfere with your pet’s peripheral vision or in their ability to drink and/or eat. In fact, they rest more comfortably due to the soft fabric edge. They can lay their head in any position wearing the cone. You can fold it upwards or downwards as per the preference and recovery spot. It won’t hinder them from being too cute. It will come in one of two fun, random darling colors: give them a Lovely Pink or Bubby Yellow..
  • SAVE MONEY ON EXPENSIVE VET VISITS --- As a pet owner, we know the expense that involves one vet visit. But, now you can save a few dollars if your pooch is suffering from an allergy by simply giving him the gift of this pretty collar. Normally, the vet gives you the uncomfortable plastic cones which make your pet’s life a little harder. So save both the misery and the money and buy this gorgeous recovery cone..
  • ADJUSTABLE LOOP TYPE WRIST CLOSURE FASTENERS - When you put SunGrow Comfy collar around your pet’s neck, you can conveniently adjust the collar size with the Loop Type Wrist Closure Fasteners, tighten or loosen as required. Just ensure you have measured the right circumference of your dog’s neck so you can confidently maintain his safety as he heals. This medical cone is ideal for necks measuring 9-10 inches which include large cats and small dogs. It is available in two different shapes & shad.
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  • Imported from UK.
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SunGrow Pet Comfy Cone, 9-10 Inches Neck Circumference, Post Surgery Stress-Free Recovery Collar, Water-Resistant, With Adjustable Loop Type Fasteners for Cats and Dogs, Easy to Clean

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