• Application Area: Face.
  • For Men & Women.
  • All Day Cream.
  • For All Skin Types.
  • Cream Form.
    The Unique Seahorse Cosmetic Seahorse extract from Isand, marine collagen, peptides, and 24K gold elasticate and gloss the skin by strong rejuvenating power ?Antioxidant Complex 8 ingredients for antioxidant efficacy including pine bark extract, astaxanthin, aristotelia chilensis fruit extract, quercetin, and peptides revitalize the skin ?8 Premium Ingredients 8 natural ingredients from Island including mineral lava seawater, instead of purified water, are contained for clear and healthy skin Are used as incurable diseases, improved blood circulation, and antioxidation. - Were one of valuable medicinal tributes paid to the imperial court of ancient China - Are consumed 80% in China where people spend \8 trillion Won a year - Are designated as an endangered species. The Center of Ornamental Reef and Aquarium has succeeded in the mass cultivation of seahorses the 4th time in the world following the USA and Australia. Are cultivated in the clean and pure waters of Island which is a volcanic island It has been used to improve anti-aging, antioxidative, and antithrombotic activity, enhance blood circulation, and strengthen hormones. It contains natural peptides -Contains seahorse extract 10%, 100,000ppm. -Contains 8 premium raw materials from the clean island. -Uses an internally prepared complex that contains 8 antioxidative substances. -Boasts top quality ingredients such as peptides, marine collagen, and 24K pure gold. Application Area: Face For Men & Women All Day Cream For All Skin Types Cream Form Sales Package: 1 Sea Horse Anti Oxidant Cream Pack Of: 1 Model Name: Seahorse Anti Oxidant Cream Quantity: 50 ml Ideal For: Men & Women Form: Cream Applied For (Face): Radiance & Glow, Moisturization & Nourishment, Spot Removal, Sun Protection, Tan Removal, Softening & Smoothening, Oil Control, Anti-ageing, Anti-dullness, Whitening & Fairness Applied For (Body): NA Skin Type: All Skin Types Organic: Yes Ideal Usage: All Day UV Protection: Yes Paraben Free: Yes Dermatologist Tested: Yes Professional Care: Yes Container Type: Jar

    Rarita Seahorse Anti Oxidant Cream(50 ml)