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Alpha 12" Skillet Sauce Pan 30 cm diameter(Cast Iron, Non-stick, Induction Bottom)

Product Description

Type: Pan

Material: Cast Iron

Induction Bottom


"Alpha" 12 inch Cast iron Skillet which is pre-seasoned, is well suited to stovetop frying, pan roasting and small oven
braises. One can even grill their steaks in it. In addition to this, it makes a perfect companionship in baking as well,
hence with this one cookware you can make several dishes like pizza's and dessert's apart from frying and roasting. It's
Easiest to Clean While It's Still Warm. Once you let it sit overnight, the food dries onto the pan and is much harder to
remove. If you clean your cast iron while it's still warm from cooking, a quick wipe with a cloth or paper towel may be
all you need. For food that's stuck or burnt on, you can boil some water in the pan to loosen it. Once you've washed and
dried your cookware, it's a good idea to apply a very thin layer of oil with a cloth or paper towel before you put it
away. This helps to protect the metal and maintain the nonstick surface.
Type: Pan
Material: Cast Iron
Induction Bottom
Sales Package: 1-Pan
Pack of: 1
Brand: Alpha
Model Name: 12" Skillet
Model Number: ACK1012
Color: Black
Capacity: 1.6 L
Pan Type: Sauce
Induction Bottom: Yes
Handle Features: one sided
Lid Included: No
Non-stick: Yes
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Diameter: 30 cm
Weight: 2460 g
Other Dimensions: Depth-1.5"

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