IMS Intermediate Shaft Bearing Repair Permanent FIX Retrofit with Pressurized Oil Feed - Compatible with Porsche 911/996 / Boxster

Product Description

Patented thrust control

Cylindrical bearings have a load capacity more than 5 times greater than ball bearings

The Eternal Fix is the only Permanent fix on the market

Pressurized oil feed included

Avoid ball bearing solutios on the market

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Imported from USA

The Patented IMS Eternal Fix Retro Fit installs in-car without removal or disassembly of the engine required. The
Cylindrical Bearing with Thrust Control design has a load capacity 5 times greater than the inferior, failure prone,
Ball Bearing solutions on the market! Cylindrical are commonly used in very High Load, High Temp, Low Viscosity
Lubrication applications such as Automatic Transmissions. If you are reading this then you are aware of the ever so
common IMS Bearing Failures. The design flaw with the factory IMS was the use of Ball Bearings in an extremely high load
application. Once the Ball Bearings Fail it leads to a Catastrophic and Expensive engine rebuild. How it works: The
Included pressurized oil feed directs fresh oil through the IMS directly into the EPS Cylindrical Bearings, Bearing
Races and Friction Plate with a continuous supply of engine oil. While the engine is running, this area is saturated
with engine oil. Bearing Race: The Bearing Race is the raised hardened steel surface edge of the Bearing Chassis
(located on either side of the Bearing). This surface provide a friction point with the Retro Fit Base and the Friction
Washer. This provides the patent-pending axial thrust control required when using Cylindrical Bearings. Friction Plate:
The Friction Plate is a hardened steel washer that provides the inner friction point with the Bearing Race Retro Fit
Base Friction Surface: This provides the outer friction point with the Bearing Race The Cylindrical Bearings provide the
radial load support for the IMS. Cylindrical Bearings are the only true permanent fix. Do not replace your ball bearings
with more ball bearings! 5 Year Warranty!

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