• Built-in intelligent system and cool futuristic design, both inside and outside, it is the player's ear precision equipment, let you enter the game in a second to experience the immersive scene experience..
  • Compared with the previous generation, the speaker unit pays more attention to the sound rendering in the game, making the game more powerful, the sound details are more abundant, the sound quality is clear and thorough, the sound effect is shocking and dynamic, allowing you to enter the realistic game battlefield and experience the sweet and dripping. Game pleasure..
  • In addition to the 120-degree rotation of the second-generation straw, the soft-plastic free-bending straw is also added, which can be bent freely. In an ideal environment, the omnidirectional microphone can maintain the same sensitivity of the front, rear, left and right orientations of the radio. The microphone needs to be pointed at the sound source, and the sound is clear and natural..
  • Tough PP engineering material head beam Aluminum sheet drawing anodized color Multi-layer precision processing technology head beam trim.
  • All-inclusive earphones with high-grade protein leather and breathable sponge for unexpected comfort.
  • Imported from USA.
Color:2 Aluminum sheet brushed anodized multi-layer precision processing technology head beam trim, each detail is carefully designed to make this headset look more cool and cool. Large size twist does not deform.