• Made of washed cotton fabric, thick and soft, comfortable and breathable.
  • The filling fabric is polyester fiber, fluffy and comfortable, light and soft.
  • Quilting process, fine workmanship, firmly fixing the filling, not running cotton.
  • Fashionable woven design, stylish and beautiful, highlighting the taste of life.
  • Available in all seasons, suitable for double/single/king/queen size.
  • Imported from USA.
Size:150*200CM Color:Brown You use two-thirds of your life to work hard during the day. Please give us a one-third night of your life, choose a good one, and think about comfort and slow life. Product parameters: Color: brown Size: 1.5*200CM, 200*230CM, 220*240CM Weight: 2.5-4kg advantage: 1, cotton fabric, silky close-fitting, moisture-absorbing and breathable 2, fluffy rebound, warm and breathable 3, three-dimensional warehouse, vacuum filling Applicable season: four seasons Tips: 1. When using, you should add a quilt cover to avoid the cumbersome work of being cleaned by the core. 2, we will do a compression seal for fast transportation, so there will be a slight taste when opening the package for the first time. 3, compression may appear to be very thin quilt, it is strongly recommended to fully dry before use, evenly beat, in order to remove odor, and help restore the fluffiness. 4, under normal circumstances, ventilation in the sun for 3-5 days to restore the state. Checklist: 1* quilt