* About the Product "5oz Vauva Impru-hold Wide Neck Bottles" are designed keeping little hands in mind. These bottles are apt for 0+ month babies. The Impru-Flo super soft nipples are designed in such a way that it resembles mothers breast, and makes it easier for the babies to switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. The Impru-Flo super soft nipple has a valve at the base which makes the venting time faster and thus prevents nipple collapse & choking. The venting system siphons out air & keeps your baby away from swallowing air, thereby preventing the gas formation, and makes the entire bottle anti-colic. * Transparent, natural in shape and resistant to sudden changes in temperature. * Does not absorb smells, flavours or colours from foods. * Easier for parents to prepare a feed & clean it, as well as making it more stable. * The ergonomic shape of the bottle makes it safer and easier to grip. * It comes with a Impru-Flo nipple which has an anti-colic valve, that makes it possible to adapt the flow of the liquid as the baby sucks during the feed. * Free impru-flo replacement nipple inside. * Specification This product is 100% BPA Free. * Care Instruction * Before first use, wash thoroughly and sterilise. Before each use, inspect the product and pull the teat in all directions. If there are any signs of damage or weakness (for example from biting), throw away immediately. * Always check the temperature of the feed before offering to your baby. * Do not attempt to enlarge nipple’s hole, as this will cause tearing. All nipple wear out, especially when the child has teeth. * Never heat a sealed bottle in a microwave oven. * Although not recommended, if you wish to warm the feed using a microwave oven, remove the disc, teat, cap and cover before heating. Always use this product with adult supervision * Keep all components not in use out of child’s reach. * Feeding teats must not be used as dummies/soothers/pacifiers. This feeding bottle has been independently tested to ensure that it can be effectively sterilised in all leading makes of standard steam sterilisers and dishwashers. * Do not drop teat in sweet substances (syrups, honey, jam, etc.) as this may lead to tooth decay and may also damage the teat. * Always wash immediately after each use. Keep the teat in a dry & covered container. * Never leave the teat in direct sunlight. Please read the instructions carefully and keep the packaging for future reference.