• ✅ WHAT YOU NEED: Looking for an easy and convenient way of organizing your car space? Would you like to make sure that living room carpet stays put? These super sticky gel pads are the perfect solution!.
  • ✅ PREMIUM QUALITY & DURABLE: Made from long-lasting, flexible double-sided silicone, these practical pads leave no unpleasant odors and are extremely maleable, allowing you to wash and reuse them..
  • ✅ MULTIPURPOSE: Whether you want to better organize your work space or kitchen, you need a sturdy solution to keeping in place your washing machine or carpet, you want an elegant car mount for your tablet or smartphone, these transparent gripping pads are the way to go!.
  • ✅ EASY TO APPLY: These practical silicone pads are compatible with a wide variety of surfaces, being easy to mount within seconds! Just place them on plastics, metal, glass, paint, ceramic tile, plank, mirror, marble and you’ll be able to safely remove them with no sticky traces!.
  • ✅ GREAT DEAL VALUE: Order these double-sided adhesive gel pads and you’ll receive a convenient set of 5 to suit all your needs! If by some reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, our money-back policy has got you covered!.
  • Imported from USA.
*** 05 SMART GRIPPING PADS — Extremely sticky silicone car pads /Fixate gel pads*** - 05 Super sticky silicone double-sided adhesive stickers in each pack; - SIze: 3''(75mm) * 2.6''(64mm) * 0.1''(2.5mm); - Sticky silicone pads have no unpleasant odor; - Perfect anti-slip effect; - Washable and reusable sticky gel pads clear (non-slip gel mats); - Cell pads sticks to almost anything: plastics, metal, glass, ceramic tile, plank, mirror, marble, etc. USE - To stick your glass or a tea cup to avoid unwanted spills of liquids at your workplace, kitchen or on the boat where these gripping mats are just indispensable; - To stick your make-up brushes, cosmetics or kitchenware with glue pads to organize the space and avoid cluttering; - Use it as an auto gel holder. Anti-slip gel pads (cell pads) are perfect for dashboard mounting. - With anti-slip grip pads you can fixate small or fragile items like vases, glasses on surfaces where there is a risk that your toddler might hit, break or spill the content. Both sides of super sticky gripping pads are made of the same adhesive material. So both the SURFACE and the ITEM you are going to fix have to be perfectly clean, dry and even. If the gripping surface gets clogged with fine dust, please rinse the gripping mat with water and let it dry to renew its tackiness. To hang a poster or a picture use at least 4 gripping pads in each corner. Sticking to PAINTED walls is NOT recommended. Strong adhesive material may damage the paint. DO NOT Please, do not try to stick gripping pads to fabrics, uneven, wet or dirty surfaces, whitewashed, lime, brick or painted walls, etc. - Note, Super Sticky Anti-slip gel pads do not tolerate extreme heat. So, try not to use silicone sticky gel pads under direct sunlight or in places where the temperature exceeds 115°F (45°C).