• Sole: leather.
  • Closure: Lace-Up.
  • THE CONSTRUCTION : From Welt to Insole to the last stitch of Outsole perimeter every part is Handmade from the World's Purest Virgin Leather. The Complete Shoe is made from Single piece leather which makes it Ultra Durable, Elegant & Timeless. A Cork filling allows the shoe to breathe and mould to the shape of your foot. Invented by Mr Charles Goodyear Jr – an American – this technique is the proud of English shoemaking and seen by many as the longest-lasting shoe construction..
  • THE LEATHER : The most durable part of the hide of an animal is just below the hair – where full grain is obtained. The grain resists moisture well and will become malleable and develop a pleasant patina with time. The entire Shoe is made in Single piece Full Grain Leather making it so Durable and Elegant that it can stand the test of time for decades to come. The permanent finish is obtained from linseed oil which gives it a PERFECT and Permanent finish !.
  • THE SOLE : Dainite, a British brand established in 1894, produced soles with added Protection and Durability. This Double Leather Sole is more protective, warmer and are more robust and rustic. These are best to deal with harsher conditions and is the strongest known to mankind. Further engineered by our engineers makes them the most elegant soles ! Well Engineered so that you never develop pain no matter how long you wear or walk..
  • THE CARE & WARRANTY : The Shoes are so Elegant that you would fall in love with them at the first sight, so we need not to state any care instructions you yourself will keep them with love ! . Before Packaging Every Pair Gets thoroughly Checked On All Quality Parameters Assuring There Are Absolutely No Chances Of Manufacturing Or Any Defects, Still There Comes 6 Months Of International Door Step Replacement Warranty With Every Pair of LOUIS STITCH Shoes..
  • THE COMPLEMENTARIES : To get the best of your Shoes and make them stand for decades a set of complementary products comes with it. 1. SHOE TREE : Whenever your shoes gets wet or moist or are not in use put these Shoe Trees in them, this will help them to retaining their original shape and last long the life of leather. 2. LINSEED OIL GEL : Make your shoes shine with this gel and see the difference as compared to local shoe shiners. 3. SHOE HORN : Wear your antiques with Super ease !.
  • Imported from INDIA.
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