Omega Stainless Steel Strainer - China, Zara No. 16, 16 Cm

Product Description

* About the Product

Crafted into a slender frame from Stainless Steel, this Frying Handle features a long slender stem handle
for a firm grip and widely spaced loop with a scoop finish for convenient deep frying.

* Specification

* Brand: Omega
* Material Grade: 202
* Thickness: 0.7MM
* Color : SILVER
* Induction Bottom: NO
* Capacity/Size : 16 Cm
* Dishwasher Safe: Yes
* Product Dimensions : 153x365x25
* Package Content: 1 Pc Strainer

* Care Instruction

Stainless steel can be scrubbed with a soft sponge to preserve long lasting shine and over a period will
have natural steel shade.

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