• Item Type: Switches.
  • Features: z96-f/z96f.
  • Material: PLASTIC.
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  • Imported from USA.
Item Description: Commodity Description: The Z96-F type five bit length counter is a counter for measuring length and all kinds of mechanical transmission. It is usually used for textile, printing and dyeing, plastic film, artificial leather and so on. (1) the counter for the number five, when the record length 1m (or 1 yards) rolling rotation three laps, counter digital display 1, and so on, but not decimal counting in reverse. (2) the counter is equipped with a compound zero mechanism, the compound zero adopts the press type, the rotation one week number is all "0", and then makes the second stage count. Technical parameters: Count range 0-99999 Rotation ratio 1: 3 The maximum counting rate 200 / min. Temperature range -10 degree --60 degree Item Specification: Item Type: Switches Features: z96-f/z96f Material: PLASTIC