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  • This product is mainly used in photography, an adapter for studio daylight bulbs..
  • The 7-in-1 light-bulb adapter works with both incandescent and CFL bulbs, and is pretty much perfect for adding extra light into your garage, work space, or utility room..
  • The device places 6 bulbs around the perimeter, with one extra bulb right in the center..
  • To use the 7 bulb splitter just twist the device into your existing socket, then just twist up to 7 light-bulbs into the existing sockets on the device..
  • Now you have the blinding power of 7 light bulbs at your disposal, to give extreme amounts of light where only 1 light bulb could be used before..
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  • Imported from USA.
Welcome to Little Story , * This product will be shippped from the warehouse in Unite States. * Within 24 Hours Shipping Out. * Standard shipping:1-5 Days. * If you want to buy more product from the US Warehouse,you can see the Brand name * If you receive the product and are satisfied with the product, please give us a feedback in our store and products, we are very grateful. * If for any reason you are not satisfied with the purchase, please contact us through the message, we will do our best to resolve. Thank you ! Features : - The 7 light-bulb splitter also allows the use of a (medium base) light bulb in a mogul base fixture. - So this adapter will enlarge your chandelier socket to fit standard bulbs. - The bulb splitter is flame-resistant, is super easy to use, is made from plastic, - And measures 9.5 inches in diameter x 5.5 inches tall. - This is great for any room that needs a lot more light, whether it's the garage, the dining room or the living room. So let there be light. - Get yourself this neat fixture today and light up your life. - It allows 7 bulbs installed in one single socket at the same time. - It is E27 base, same fit as regular household bulb socket. - Suitable for: Home and Studio daylight bulbs in photographic use. - Base type: E27 base - Use LED or energy-saving lamps. Do not use halogen lamps or incandescent lamps - Material: Flame retardant PC - Product Color: White Package includes: - 1Pc x Bulb Base Adapter