• Length: 7.90 feet / 2.40 meter, Castingweight: M, 0.35-1.06 ounce.
  • Transportlength: 15.55 inch / 39.50 centimeter.
  • Sections: 11, Guides: 8.
  • Weight: 4.51 ounce / 128 gramm.
  • Comes in hardcase.
  • Imported from USA.
The STC Mini Tele spinning rod is exactly what you expect: a very compact rod that can be taken anywhere. The transport length of the 6.90 feet rods is not even 12 inch, and the longest rods of 8.85 feet have a transport length of only 15.75 inch. Because of the insanely short transport length, these rods fit perfectly in your backpack when going out for a hike, or in the bicycle bags when going out cycling. There are eight different rods available from light up to medium casting power. The shorter series are great for fishing in small streams for e.g. trout and chub, whilst the longer series are also perfect for fishing in a bit larger waters with a float and some bait or just casting medium to small lures. When looking for a compact rod that can cast heavy baits, we recommend you the the STC spinning. The new range of SHIMANO Travel Concept (S.T.C.) rods has been designed to offer ease of transport with exceptional performance. Covering a wide range of fishing styles, the S.T.C. rods are not only perfect for long haul travel by air, they are perfect for anglers who want a day-to-day easy transport solution for cars, bikes, and public transport. All of the new S.T.C. rods come with a protective transport case that enables the rod to be transported with the reel in place.