• ☜ High Quality Waterproof Tarp, Made of PE woven cloth..
  • ☜ Reinforced Corners - Rust-proof aluminum eyelets on the four sides and polyester nylon cord around the hem for optimum stability and tear resistance..
  • ☜ Double - Sided waterproof, effectively prevent rainwater from penetrating, please note that due to the edge folding, the final size is slightly smaller than the size of the promotion..
  • ☜ Multi-Purpose - Suitable for general covering tents, camping floors, car covers, boat covers, covers, wood covers, windshields, haystack covers, factory shelters.
  • ☜ Polyethylene Tarpaulin, rainproof sunscreen, low temperature, anti-static, heat insulation, no odor..
  • Imported from UK.
Product name : Black and white tarpaulin Product material : New polyethylene anti-aging UW Product Process : Intermediate weaving process, double-sided film Product specifications : 170g/mm plus or minus 10g 0.3mm thickness Product features: shading, sun protection, waterproof, rainproof, anti-aging, no odor, easy to fold, anti-friction, long life, high temperature Product use : Widely used in the cultivation of edible fungi, the cultivation of Chinese medicinal materials (Tiepi stone), flowers, fruits and vegetables, and animal husbandry, aquatic fish, shrimp culture