• ☆Adjustable ankle strap, free to adjust the size, you can adjust the size according to your own situation.
  • ☆Professional for swimming training, diving and other underwater activities provide a powerful driving force to release your hands.
  • ☆The design of the anti-skid pattern on the bottom of the ankle provides high safety. The unique structure of the drainage hole and the diversion channel.
  • ☆ Built-in protective compartment can effectively prevent shoe shape deformation, stable silicone material, comfortable and not easy to oxidize.
  • ☆The keel is used to increase the hardness and balance of the ankle, and the guide groove allows the horizontal slip to flow through the ankle, reducing the resistance and increasing the driving force..
  • Imported from UK.
[Instructions for use]: Fins are an auxiliary tool for increasing speed, reducing drag, and propelling power for swimming and diving. The foot-type flippers wrap the entire sole of the foot with a foot cover. The foot cover flippers are softer when snorkeling, which can reduce the flippers to the water surface. [Introduction]: High-grade ankle, scientific and reasonable design, synthetic rubber and plastic material, good toughness, bio-simulation effect, easy to use, special transparent bag, easy to carry. The size can be adjusted freely and the range is large. The swimming effect is good! Can greatly increase the speed of swimming. A must-have tool for diving enthusiasts! [Advantages]: 1. The new composite material, outstanding driving efficiency and continuous rapid promotion, strengthen the design of the new style guide 2. The flow wing is designed to fully support the comfortable soft foot bag of the foot board. 3. Good material, soft touch, comfortable foot, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. 4. The overall softness and toughness are strong, avoiding the danger of being easily broken. 5. The price is lower than many styles, and the price is cheap. 6. Suitable for ordinary travel and snorkeling. 7. The swimming effect is good, it is a must-have tool for diving enthusiasts!