• FITMENT FOR ALL VEHICLES. The Astrea LED’s were engineered to be the same size as your stock halogen bulb. Vehicles that have had a hard time to install LED kits because of large fans, Astrea LED’s will solve this issue!.
  • 3000Lms for the best visibility in a small bulb. Because of the compact nature of the Astrea, the best Cree chips have been engineered in the Astrea LED to give out the best visibility possible for the size of the LED..
  • EFFECTIVE Cooling. With the smaller structure of the Astrea bulb, the best possible cooling methods were brought to this LED kit. The fan-less designs were made to be kept cool to improve reliability in your lights since most LED Lights go out because of heat!.
  • Plug and Play System. Elite LED Kits are made with replace your stock halogen bulbs with no modifications. With a Canbus chip, it will work on all vehicles! Check your owner’s manual to confirm the bulb type that you need for your desired replacement..
  • Conversion kits made with the most meticulous manufacturing partners, and best quality materials for performance and reliability. Elite Vision offers a true 1-year warranty on all LED kits and a 60-day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied!.
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  • Imported from USA.
Size:H3 Elite Vision Advanced Automotive Accessories Astrea LED Conversion Kit – 9005 - 25w 3000Lm 6k White Cree Chips Low Wattage to Extend Life: EV LED Conversion kits were engineered specifically to run on lower wattage while still exceeding brightness expectations. Astrea LED Kits are made with universal fit in mind. With a lot of vehicles having clearance issues and not able to fit the large fan behind the led, Astrea LED kit will solve this issue. Made to be a similar size as your halogen bulbs, they will fit regardless of clearance issues! This will most importantly give the LED a longer lifespan because of how cool it runs. Best of Both Worlds: Bright Cree LED chips, along with the projection technology developed, EV’s LED kits are made to give off a proper beam pattern with the technology that is on top of the bright Cree LED chip. CanBus Functionality: Some newer cars are equipped with CanBus systems, therefore the LED will need extra load resistors, which were engineered inside the LED kits to work on those vehicles to prevent flickering of the LED kits. NO MODIFICATION NEEDED: Everything included in our LED Kits will make your install process a breeze. Works for all vehicles! Whether you are changing your low beam, high beam, or fog light, it is as simple as taking the stock halogen bulb out, and plugging in your new EV LED kit. Attention 2007+ Chrysler/RAM/Dodge/Jeep. Resistors are recommended for your vehicle to work properly as they have more sensitive modules. If resistors are not installed, it may cause flickering, error codes on the dash, or even failure of the module. Inline resistors are offered as an optional accessory and are recommended if you have one of the above vehicles. Resistors are also simple plug and play, and do not need any modifications on vehicles. Elite Vision Advanced Automotive Accessories LED Kits are made to replace your stock halogen bulbs only. They will not replace your OEM HID or LED headlights.