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  • Iron Patch.
  • 100% Embroidery.
  • Decorating Cloths.
    Size : 5 Cm x 2.5 Cm || 4 Cm x 5 Cm || 4.5 Cm x 3 Cm. Pack Of : 3. The patch is 100% embroidered. High Quality Embroidery.This patch has the highest level of embroidery details possible and will look great in person when you have it in your hands. Easy Iron On Patch Applications. In a few simple steps (see the details below), you’ll have this patch ironed on and well attached. Sewing is recommended, but not necessary. Great variety of patches and they are stitched nicely for decorating or repairing the clothes or backpacks, cannot be applied to waterproof material, plastic material or any hard fabric or cases, it maybe easy to fall off. Patches For Jacket, T - Shirt, Skirt, Jeans, Vests, Pants, Hats, Polo, Backpack, Cap, Scarf, Quilt, etc. High Quality Iron Patch 100% Embroidery Decorating Cloths Number of Patches: 3 Sales Package: 3 Patch Brand: Lootkabazaar Model Number: SAIP48 Color: Multicolor Theme: Comic Character Pattern: Cartoon Character Usage Instructions: Place embroidery on garment. Set iron temperature for cotton. Cover embroidery with a piece of damp cloth and iron for 10 seconds. Turn garment inside out and iron until dry. Do not iron on to heat sensitive synthetic fabrics like PVS, Nylon, Acetate and Rayon. Permanence of application guaranteed by sewing.