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  • 100% Real Peach Skin Texture. High Quality Sheet, Soft to touch. Authentic durable fabric. For Genuine GB Arts Quality Purchase from Seller Gateway Burners.
  • Double-sided print with the finest ink for High quality GB Arts image.
  • Fully Uncensored Image Upon Purchase, if image shows censored in listing.
  • Life size of 150cm x 50cm (59 inch x 19.6 inch).
  • Imported from USA.
Welcome to GB Arts. Your Number one source for "unique" pillowcases. Dakimakura can provide great relief in stress, and tension while helping you get through the night. It can help alleviate some pain in the neck, spine, back, buttocks, and hip. While also, it may help you align your neck correctly in sleeping to alleviate your breathing so you snore less! Here are a few simple tips you can do to keep them in great condition. *Wash them as necessary. Dont wash them too often otherwise they will begin to fade. *Shower before bed.Some people shower once a day in the morning, some in the evening, some twice a day. *Keep animals away from it. We all love pets but sometime we love our Dakimakura more. *Trim (and file) your nails! This is common sense and everyone should do it anyway. *Keep it off the floor.Your floor may appear to be clean,but it is still a factor in adding dirt to the pillow. Avoid if possible. Your purchase with us will support GB Arts (a US Company) in bringing you faster service and your favorite products at a competitive price. Please remember to select GatewayBurners as your seller. WASHING INSTRUCTIONS! *Step 1 Carefully remove the dakimakura cover from the pillow. *Step 2 Place in the washing machine with bleach-free soap. *Step 3 Turn your washing machine setting to delicate (hand wash), and the coldest temperature setting for the water. *Step 4 Ensure no soap remains on dakimakura by running cold water on it. *Step 5 Wring all of the excess water out, be careful not to stretch your dakimakura out. *Step 6 Hang Dry!!You want to avoid direct sunlight,and any place with high humidity (Ex. Bathroom) Kindly Reminder: *This is for 1 Pillowcase. No Pillow insert or filler. Thanks for looking.