• AIRmesh Ultra-light material covering the shoe..
  • Ventilated Airflow in and out of the shoe keeps the feet ventilated..
  • Outer Material: Synthetic.
  • Closure: Buckle.
  • Material Composition: Synthetic.
  • Shoe Width: D.
  • DynomotionFit Technology Tailored fit works with foot shape and gait..
  • Toe Guard Thicker material covers the toes for protection..
  • Comfortable Fit Up the foot laces and a padded tongue..
  • Imported from UK.
Mizuno Wave Shadow 2 Running Shoes Shave seconds off your normal run times with the Mizuno Wave Shadow 2 Running Shoes. With integrated DynamotionFit, the shoe is responsive, lightweight and gives you a perfect and unique glove-like fit. AIRmesh Upper Using Mizuno's developed technology, the upper mesh is made using AIRmesh. This ultra-lightweight material allows the shoe to maintain a high standard of breathability and comfort in the upper. A steady airflow enters and exits the shoe, which works to keep the feet feeling fresh and cool. With Mizuno's integrated DynamotionFit technology, the shoe is tailored to have a glove-like fit. The engineering of it means that it also adapts to your gait cycle, again making it feel personalised. The material that covers the toes is thicker, meaning that shocks from bumps and knocks are absorbed so the forefoot doesn't take on all the energy. Running up the foot, the laces are easy to tighten and loosen, whilst the padded tongue will ensure that you will find a comfortable fit inside them. Wave Midsole Many technologies developed by Mizuno are used in the midsole of the Wave Shadow 2. The Wave midsole is a unique technology that provides both cushioning and stability. The shape of it means that the energy created from strikes below are dispersed evenly, which makes landing feel more stable and cushioned. For added stability, the shoe uses SmoothRide. This is an engineered approach to minimise the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot during transition, which makes the ride smooth and enjoyable. For rebound as well as cushioning, ap+ is used in it. This is a lightweight compound that offers rebound and cushion durability, providing a high level of comfort. Another compound used is U4ic. This is another lightweight material that provides high comfort and performance. Working to keep the feet, and the shoe itself cool, Mizuno Intercool is an intricate system that will solve overheating problems. A full-length