• Doll Houses & Play Sets.
  • Made of Plastic.
  • Age: 3+ Years.
  • Width: 28.45 cm.
  • Height: 5.33 cm.
    The magic of friendship never changes, and these 3 Equestria Girls dolls love to show off their wild and colorful style together! These Cutie Mark Crusaders are on the hunt for their Cutie Marks, and their animal-print hair makes them the wildest Equestria Girls dolls yet. With them at your side, theres no telling what kind of rockin adventures are next!Includes 3 dolls and accessories. Doll Houses & Play Sets Made of Plastic Age: 3+ Years Width: 28.45 cm Height: 5.33 cm Series: Equestria Girls Exclusive Wild Rainbow Doll 3Pack The Cutie Mark Crusaders Sweetie Belle Scootaloo Apple Bloom Character: NA Minimum Age: 3 years Material: Plastic Battery Operated: No Battery Type: No batteries Other Features: My Little Pony Equestria Girls Doll 3-Pack Cutie Mark Crusaders In the Box: 1 Depth: 33.27 cm Weight: 24.09 g Box Width: 28.45 cm Box Height: 5.33 cm Box Depth: 33.27 cm Box Weight: 24.09 g : The colour of products that come in an assortment, or some parts of the product, may be different.