• ★ Features: The fabric is made of natural silver and nano technology, and silver water is attached to the fabric. The shielding effect is as high as 99.9999%, antibacterial and antistatic..
  • ★ 360° shielding radiation, shielding 99.9999% of radiation, protecting your baby from daily radiation, such as mobile phones, wireless devices and other devices..
  • ★ A variety of wearing methods: tube top / sling, shoulder strap detachable, can be used as a tube top belt, convenient adjustment buckle design, can be adjusted according to their own size..
  • ★The ubiquitous radiation wave in modern life, the real silver fiber radiation sling can shield the electromagnetic waves generated by the normal operation of electrical appliances in daily life..
  • ★L: 52 cm long, 130 cm chest, 128 cm hem, recommended size (height / weight) 155-165CM / 75KG or below; XL: 63 cm long, 145 cm chest, 145 cm hem, recommended size (height / weight ) 165-175CM / 75KG or more, note: the reference size is pre-pregnancy data..
  • Imported from UK.
Size:X-Large ▶Welcome to the (ENCOUNTER) store and hope you have a good time to go shopping! ★ Product Description Name: Silver fiber apron Material: 100% nylon (including silver fiber) Color: silver gray Size: L/XL Suitable for: Four Seasons ★ Maintenance and cleaning: 1. Silver fiber radiation protection suit should be washed with mineral water or cold water (reducing damage to silver by water and nitrogen). 2. Use a neutral detergent solution and gently wash gently. It is recommended to wash as little as possible to prevent improper washing and affect the effect. Everyone has a different electrolyte. Usually, the human body is acid-alkaline. Acid-base plus cysteine (the main component of sweat) separates silver ions (the fabric is yellow). When you sweat, change to the outside. It is recommended to wear or wear the base for wearing. 4. It is recommended to seal and store when not wearing to prevent local oxidation and cause chromatic aberration. ★ Reliable after-sales service After receiving your product, if you don't like it, or the size is not suitable for you, you can contact us at any time to replace it, you don't have to worry about losing money.