* Description ( #tabs-1 ) Imagine a mass of hyper-enervated plant cells thrust into a sparkling glass slide and placed under a powerful microscope. Now watch as they are individually framed with hand-cut hexagonal facets and crowned with an exquisitely unbalanced clear glass rim. Black greens, white greens, moss greens. Introducing the lusciously imperfect, mouth-blown Gogli Series Wide-Rimmed Hand Cut Glass Bowl. Never has the blatant imperfection of nature been so beautiful. Perfect on a rustic wood sideboard. Specification* Product Dimensions: L 14.3 X W 8.5 X H 14.0 In. * Shipping Weight: 6.6 lbs * Item Finish: Green,Black * Item Material: Glass * Selling Point 1: Green and Black Finish * Selling Point 2: Made of Glass