AT&T Cingular Flip M3620 Screen Protector (2-Pack), ILLUMI AquaShield Premium High Definition Ultra Clear / Invisible Bubble-Free UV Resistant Self-Healing Film w/ Lifetime Warranty

Product Description

Industry leading iLLumiShield Lifetime Warranty! Should your ILLUMI AquaShield protector for your AT&T Cingular Flip M3620 ever wear, simply contact us for a hassle-free replacement.

Military grade film used in crafting ILLUMI AquaShield protectors is designed to withstand scratches, dents, scrapes that would harm your device.

UV-resistant layer prevents yellowing ensuring your screen remains crystal clear for enhanced viewing pleasure.

Virtually Invisible - ILLUMI AquaShield crystal clear protectors are smooth to the touch and keep your device fully responsive.

Unique silicone adhesive layer ensures a hassle and bubble-free installation.

Imported from UK

The revolutionary and most effective way to keep your favorite mobile device protected is with ILLUMI AquaShield premium
HD crystal clear screen protector. Crafted using military-grade materials, AquaShield protectors are designed to keep
your device protected against the rigors of everyday life. ILLUMI AquaShield protectors are made from a unique film that
is the toughest in its class and features a self-healing UV-resistant layer that not only prevents yellowing but also
resists scratches, dents, and abrasions.

It's as if it's not even there!

* Virtually invisible - 99.9% Ultra Crystal Clear.
* State-of-the-art manufacturing process results in precise protectors.
* Outermost protective layer offers a glass-like feel while keeping your screen fully protected.

Prolong the Life and Retain the Value of Your Device

* Military-grade film used is made to withstand scratches, dents and abrasions.
* Prevents dust, grime, and dirt from collecting on your device.
* Self-healing UV-resistant layer prevents yellowing and keeps your device in pristine condition.
* Comes with an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty that is sure to scare away the competition.

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