• Inflatable structure, easy to accommodate, portable, easy to fold and store, folded into the drawer, does not take up space, comfortable and easy to use, easy to operate.
  • Environmental protection material, free of heavy metals, strong flexibility.
  • Unique curved zippered lid for more insulation or coolness.
  • Bottom large-diameter drainage design with soft rubber stoppers inside for better leak-proof.
  • Electric pump 1-3 minutes fast inflation, save effort.
  • Imported from UK.
Colour:Pink 1. Applicable to: Adults/Children (children bathing must always be supervised by adults) 2. The bottom of the thicker pearl cotton, isolated from the cold floor, more insulation; comfortable pillow design; simple pattern design, generous and beautiful 3. Size: Large: 160*90*75 (cm) Small: 130*75*70 (cm) 4. Note: 1. Since the product is brand new, it is sealed immediately after production. So for the first time it will have some odor. This is normal and not a product issue. You can use shower gel or place it in a ventilated place. The smell will slowly dissipate after a few days. 2. When releasing water, do not directly put the shower pipe against the balloon or bathtub side of the tub to prevent the temperature from being too high and the balloon bulging. If you can't avoid it, please put a wet towel on the balloon or on the side of the bathtub, and then put the shower tube on the towel.