• Language: English.
  • Binding: Paperback.
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc.
  • Genre: Health & Fitness.
  • ISBN: 9780764578359, 0764578359.
  • Pages: 388.
    Cosmetic surgery is one of today's hottest topics. From daytime talk shows and popular magazines to conversations at the salon, it seems that almost everyone has had it, is thinking about it, or knows someone who is getting it. Statistics show more and more women and men are having cosmetic surgery. And with all the options now available, it's important to be fully informed before you make any decisions about having a procedure. Now, Cosmetic Surgery For Dummies is here to guide you through today's top procedures, candidly addressing both the benefits and the risks. R. Merrel Olesen, MD, the medical director of the La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre, and Marie B.V. Olesen, a nationally known cosmetic surgery consultant, give you the tools you need to: Decide if surgery is right for you - Find a qualified surgeon - Set realistic expectations - Evaluate the costs - Enhance your recovery and results This plain-English guide shows you how to take advantage of all the advances in cosmetic surgery while avoiding the pitfalls that could compromise your safety or the quality of your result.From implants to liposuction to Botox, you'll understand the right questions to ask your doctor, how to prepare for surgery (both physically and financially), and the best ways to influence the healing process. You'll also: Discover the latest surgery techniques and medications - Understand the different surgeon specializations - Sort through the various non-surgical facial treatments - Evaluate your post-op care options - Cope with complications - Deal with family, friends, and coworkers before and after surgery Complete with lists of questions to ask before surgery and top Web sites for cosmetic surgery information, Cosmetic Surgery For Dummies is a practical, friendly guide that will help you say hello to a new you! Language: English Binding: Paperback Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc Genre: Health & Fitness ISBN: 9780764578359, 0764578359 Pages: 388 Imprint: Hungry Minds Inc,U.S. Author Info: R. Merrel Olesen, MD has over 30 years of plastic surgery experience. He has written patient information and informed consent materials used by millions of patients. Marie B.V. Olesen has worked with hundreds of plastic surgery practices to help them understand how to meet the needs of cosmetic surgery patients. Width: 21 mm Height: 236 mm Length: 187 mm Weight: 676 gr