• Rubber sole.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL – Our quick dry running shoes have been intelligently designed using ultra-lightweight fabric that allows for quick water drainage, breathability, and cross ventilation. Making them extremely flexible and comfortable..
  • EASY TIE ELASTIC STRAPS – We’ve designed our men’s and women’s shoes to easily be put on and taken off easily. With the pull tab at the heel, you can easily slip into them and tighten them with the elastic straps, quickly securing them to your feet..
  • QUICK DRYING DESIGN – Thanks to our running shoes high-quality and anti-slip rubber soles with several holes on the bottom, they’re able to perfectly drain water out from them and circulate air, helping them dry quickly and prevent bacterial build-up..
  • PERFECT FOR ANY ACTIVITY – Our barefoot shoes are ideal to use for any kind of sports or outdoor activity such as running, jogging, surfing, yoga, aquatic sports, beach wear, and walking. They’re even comfortable enough to wear around the house..
  • 60-DAY SATISFACTION WARRANTY – We’re offering all of our customers a 60-day trial period to see if our quick dry shoes are right for them. If within 60 day’s you aren’t satisfied, simply contact our customer service experts for a full refund..
  • Imported from USA.
“A” Quick Dry Sports Shoes – Helping You Perform Your Absolute Best Through Wet, Dry, and Rough Terrain If you’re an athlete or avid sports player who needs a shoe that can easily stand up to being wet or even soaked without any damage or retaining any excess moisture, then our barefoot water shoes are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Breathable Material Our men’s and women’s shoes are designed with top-quality breathable and lightweight fabric as well as drainage holes at the top and bottom of the shoe. Making it so that even when using our quick dry shoes at the beach or in the pool, they quickly and easily drain the water from them and allow for cross ventilation. Allowing these barefoot shoes to dry much more quickly and easily than your standard sports shoes. This also helps fight against odor and bacteria that typical builds when shoes aren’t dried properly. Easy and Comfortable to Wear We know that for those with an active lifestyle, you need to be able to get up and go without wasting any precious moments. That’s why we’ve designed our yoga shoes with a heel pull tap so that you can slip into them within seconds. Then, once your shoe is on, just pull and fasten the elastic straps to secure them comfortably to your feet. No more wasting time with tying shoe laces, letting you get into the game in no time. Ideal for Any Sport or Activity Whether you’re a daily running, walker or jogger, or play in aquatic sports, our quick dry shoes are perfect to wear for all types of sports actives, exercises, and workouts. Thanks to the soft but rugged outsole’s anti-slip design, you can push yourself to your limits without having to worry about any accidental slips or falls. Ready to take your sports game to the next level? Click the “Add to Cart” button and let our unisex barefoot water shoes help you perform to your absolute best, every time!