• HIGH QUALITY: Made of high quality ABS material for long-term use and durability..
  • ARC DESIGN: The product is surrounded by circular arc shape, beautiful appearance and comfortable operation..
  • EASY TO OPERATE: The capsule filling is designed to be precise and unique, easy to handle and reduce waste..
  • FAST AND EFFICIENT: Imitating the automatic mechanical arrangement, the capsule cap and capsule body can be arranged quickly, which is more convenient to use and improves the filling efficiency of the capsule..
  • SUITABLE FOR SMALL BATCHES: Effectively handle filling capsules, such as small batch processing, production, and homemade capsules..
  • Imported from USA.
Features: Adopting high quality ABS material, which is more durable for long term use.Adopting high quality ABS material, which is more durable for long term use. Imitate automatic mechanical arrangement, you can arrange capsules cap and capsule body quickly, more convenient to use and improve capsules filling efficiency. Specification: Condition: 100% Brand New Item Type: Capsule Filler Product Material: Plastic Color: Green Holes Quantity: 100 Suitable for Capsule Type: 00# Alignment Plate Width: Approx. 15.7cm / 6.2inch Package Weight: Approx. 800g Package Included: 1 x Alignment Plate 1 x Body Plate 1 x Middle Plate 1 x Cap Plate 1 x Powder Pressing Plate 1 x Power Spreader 1 x Handle Operational Steps: 1. Load the capsule body, put the body plate in flat. 2. Put the frame of the arrangement plate on the body plate. 3. Put about 100 capsules in the frame. 4. Pick up the plate body and arranged wheel swinging around. 5. Capsule body will fall into the plate hole one by one, then pour the extra capsule body out. 6. Take the wheel arrangement plate, put the capsule body installed on the board aside. 7. Filling power in the capsule body. 8. Scrape the board back and forth on the body, when the capsule body is full on powder. 9. Use powder pressing plate filling capsules plate, filling capsules. 10. Scraping plate excess powder. 11. Turned over the the cap plate and middle plate to cover the body plate. 12. Lock the capsule body and the capsule cap. 13. Remove the cap plate. 14. Remove the middle plate, pour out the capsule from the locking middle plate. Note: The capsules in the pictures are not included.