• 85% Polyamid, 15% Elasthan, (not made of neoprene) wetsuit made of thin lycra material for men and women. Stretchy and comfortable with light weight..
  • Full body long wetsuit for snorkeling diving swimming, avoid sting or scratch during swimming..
  • Superb water protective layer wetsuit, can also wear it as a second skin when snorkeling..
  • UV protection for full body, prevent sunburn during outdoor swimming or surfing..
  • Triathlon wetsuit which you can wear it to swim outdoors during colder months..
  • Imported from UK.
COPOZZ Men's Wetsuit Women, Lycra Full Body Long Sleeves UV Protected Stretchy Cozy Triathlon Wetsuit for Water Sports Snorkeling Diving Swimming Surfing Full Body Coverage Design Full body cover wetsuit provides the best protection against sea lice, jellyfish, coral reef and other biological irritants. Perfect to wear in the ocean or any other water area. No more bruises and stings just wonderful diving experience. Fashion and Slim Fit Wetsuit made of soft and luxurious Lycra spandex, comfortable to wear with great ventilation, no color fading, extremely stretchy Spandex assures a perfect fit. Visible obvious ►►►BRIGHT COLOR IS PERFECT FOR DIVING UNDER WATER►►► for your partners to realize where you are. Lightweight And Hassle-free Long front zipper for quick & effortless changing. Stretchy stirrup wraps on wrist and foot keep wetsuit in place regardless of water resistance. One piece wetsuit design with soft and elastic material does not restrict movement ensures you moving freely in water. Reliable UV protection This full suit is perfect in all conditions. Full-body & long-sleeve design with special UV protection coating layer helps to reduce harms from sunlight. Less skin exposure designing, protecting your skin from sun burn. Keeping you safe and comfortable during any activities. Perfect For Sports Activities Full swimsuit provides total body cover. Ideal for beginners and sports fans. Best choice for wakeboarding, diving, jet skiing, swimming, surfing, kayaking, Scuba diving, snorkeling, white water rafting, pedal boarding and all other water sports. For more warmth Provide Additional Warmth As a Base Layer Wear as a base layer, the die skin increases warmth and also makes it easier to slip into neoprene suits. Easy to put on, it's naturally reduces resistance of water and provides full-body coverage.