• deleyCON loudspeaker cable speaker cable HiFi cable // 2 x 2.5mm² with 50 x 0,25mm filaments.
  • CCA copper-coated aluminium // polarity marking // flexible and easy to lay.
  • ✔️PLEASE NOTE: Inner conductor cross section: 2 x 2.5mm² (see picture 3)✔️ 2 x 2.5mm² with 2 x 50 x 0.25mm wire.
  • Compatible with loudspeakers speakers HiFi receivers home cinema systems etc. // universal application.
  • Pack contents: deleyCON 25 meters loudspeaker cable // inner conductor cross section: 2x 2.5mm² // filaments: 0.25mm // colour: white.
  • Imported from UK.
Size Name:25 meters Colour:White deleyCON Loudspeaker Cable Thanks to the deleyCON loudspeaker cable, you can ensure distortion-free sound quality true to the original. Loudspeaker, boxes and receiver can be individually wired. Technical Highlights Thanks to polarity marking, loudspeaker leads and box cables can be laid in no time at all and connected correctly. Flexible and robust, they are designed for numerous applications and set up for high-performance sound quality. Applications deleyCON loudspeaker cables are predestined for use with HiFi, stereo and home cinema systems. These loudspeaker cables can be connected both directly or by using banana jacks to HiFi amplifiers, loudspeakers, boxes and power amplifiers. Specifications - deleyCON HiFi loudspeaker cable / speaker cable - inner conductor cross section: 2x 2.5 mm² - flex build-up: 2x 50 x 0.25 mm - polarity marking for +/- - cable sleeve: PVC - inner conductor: CCA / copper-coated aluminium - compatible with: HiFi systems / receivers / amplifiers / loudspeakers / boxes etc. Pack Contents - deleyCON 25m loudspeaker cable - construction: 2x 2.5mm² with 50 x 0.25mm filaments - colour: white