• Width x Height: 6.1 cm x 8.89 cm.
  • Material: Plastic.
  • Non Battery Operated.
  • Character: Action Figure Collectibles.
  • Age: 3+ Years.
    Something is up with the Omnitrix! The mysterious sparks of energy erupting from Ben's trusty watch take his alien transformations to the next level! When Ben transforms the extra energy effects each of the aliens in his lineup in a cool and unique way giving Ben an Omni-Enhanced upgrade of powers and abilities! Ranging in height from 4" to 5" tall each figure in the assortment is highly detailed and articulated. Most figures also comes equipped with themed accessories for added play! This pack includes Omni-Enhanced Overflow. Water and electricity don't usually mix but Omni-Enhanced Overflow is the exception to the rule! With a pair of energized water cannons on his shoulders this master of splash knows no equal! No matter how heated a battle gets Omni-Enhanced Overflow is equipped to cool things down in his upgraded state!; Width x Height: 6.1 cm x 8.89 cm Material: Plastic Non Battery Operated Character: Action Figure Collectibles Age: 3+ Years : Set of 1 Type: Action Figure Collectibles Minimum Age: 3 years Size: 8.89 cm Battery Operated: No Battery Type: 0 No batteries Battery Product Weight: 204.12 g Product Width: 6.1 cm Product Height: 8.89 cm : The color of some product parts may vary from what is shown in the image