• Our scroll art pieces include a thin, strong & unbreakable wire looped in a round & rust-free pipe at the top for easy hanging & installation.
  • MATERIAL: Luxurious & versatile fabric with a natural finish and high colour fastness.
  • 100% OPAQUE, THICK & HEAVY PREMIUM COTTON CANVAS FABRIC; tightly knitted, durable & long life | Unbreakable wire for easy hanging | Printing on front side | Perfectly tailored seams.
  • Hand-sewn, light-weighted, and made to perfection, this tapestry is durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • This scroll art isn't just a wall hanging and a tapestry, it is durable enough to be used as a window curtain and a wall art panel.
  • Imported from INDIA.
Enclosure Material:Museum-grade Canvas Size:47.2inch x 47.2inch (119.9cms x 119.9cms) Museum-grade Canvas || Size: 47.2inch x 47.2inch (119.9cms x 119.9cms): Canvas || Decorate your home, office and outdoor areas with this elegant piece of scroll art-cum-tapestry art. || Spectacular piece of wired-hanging fabric art to raise your stature and make your wall look rich and lively. || Scroll up your artpiece like a traditional style letter piece with the round pipes fitted at the top & bottom. || Crafted to last long and create an appealing impression on your friends & relatives. || Ideal for personal usage in your living room, kids room, kitchen, and gallery, as well as for hotels, hospitals, lobbies, school, restaurants, office, and reception. || FEATURES: Hand-sewn, light-weighted, and made to perfection, this tapestry is durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use. || Hand-crafted from a versatile & durable natural-finish fabric, printed with premium UV-resistant inks for bright and rich colours. || The texture and weight of the fabric brings image print one step closer to the original and invites attention. || Fitted with a looped unbreakable thread/wire in a round pipe stitched at the top of the fabric for easy installation. || USAGE: Our scroll art aren’t just wall hangings and tapestries either - they’re durable enough to be used a window curtain. || 100% ready and finished to be used as a wall art panel. || PRINTING: Breathtaking artworks printed on luxurious fabric using state-of-the-art technology adds to its uniquely distinctive feature compared to any other similar product available in the market. || High-end printing technology captures every bit of image detail on premium natural fabrics, ensuring rich and lively colours. || NOTE: Product pictures are only for display & informational purpose. Actual product Size may vary than what is shown in the display images since display images are not measured to scale. || Final product colours may vary slightly from the display image due to the difference in printing resolution and di