• ◆ The car cover is compatible with Mercedes-Benz G-class. If the product does not match your car, you can visit our store and there are a variety of models to choose from;.
  • ◆ It is made of high quality oxford material, not bad, no tearing. The front and rear windproof belts can fix the automatic cover in bad weather, and the reflective stripes remind people of the night;.
  • ◆ The car cover is sun-proof and rainproof, heat-insulating and sun-proof, flame-retardant and durable, anti-snow and frost-proof, anti-freeze and windproof, and protect your vehicle in all aspects;.
  • ◆ No matter how hot, cold or rainy or snowy, the car cover can be solved. The car cover can be used in any season, with long shelf life and long service life;.
  • ◆ Installation is simple and quick, easy to complete, with anti-theft password lock, easy to use, strong anti-theft function;.
  • Imported from UK.
Size:Built-in lint Store Name: CAGL Product Name: Car cover Product material: Oxford cloth Product color: black Product features: sun protection rain, heat insulation sunshade, flame retardant and durable, snow and frost resistance, antifreeze and windproof ◆ Double-sided use: double-sided use can effectively increase the durability of the garment. In summer, the use of silver on the sunscreen can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays, lower in-vehicle temperature, and winter anti-freeze can be insulated with color surface heat absorption; ◆ Plus cashmere: plus cashmere compared to non-plus cashmere, the material of the car is thicker because of the inner layer of lint, so compared with the double-sided use, the car is thicker, so the sunscreen The effect of heat insulation will be better. If it is used in winter, the anti-freeze and snow-proof effect will be relatively good; If you have any questions about our products, please contact us before placing your order.