• ✍[High Quality Retro Quill Pen]: Our quill pen is made of 100% natural feather and each quill is unique. After rigorous degrease, sterilization, silk processing, superb craftsmanship dyeing, feathers maintain a permanent bright luster..
  • ✍[Beautiful Artwork Gift]: This retro quill and ink set with excellent package, exquisite design, antique style, it is a decent high-grade and meaningful gift. It is ideal for business gift, official gift, executive gift, birthday gift..
  • ✍[Smooth Writing with 5 Nibs]: Tip of the Quill pen is smooth, not easy to damage. Different nibs, different calligraphy styles. Perfect for your personal writing preferences..
  • ✍[Hand Made]: Retro style with perfect design, the pen body is hand-carved. Five different metal nibs, beautifully decorated wax seals record the history of European civilization. You can use it to write notes of life, which is a pleasant thing..
  • ✍[Feather Pen Suit]: Included 1 feather pen, 1 stamp, 1 bottle of ink, 5 pen tips, 1 pyrotechnic wax, 1 pen holder, 1 Candle, 1 Spoon.
  • Imported from USA.
Color:Black We designed the Feather Quill Pen Set to be the perfect gift for family members, friends, avid fans, and anyone who enjoys Calligraphy and retro merchandise. This Quill Kit is made of high quality, natural feathers, and each feather is unique and has been carefully designed and manufactured. Description: Shell Material Copper Writing head:The font written in this product is Gothic, 5 kinds of nibs: some nibs are written out with big dots, some small dots Feather material:Natural feather Pen length: 24.5cmPacking:Boxed Features:Because of its beautiful appearance£¬the quill looks elegant when written. After the feather tube was degreased,the end face was cut into a slanted shape and ink was written on the surface.The effect was much better than that of the reed pen. Natural feather,vary in every texture,shape,size,forms with no duplication; both sides are asymmetrical feathers.After rigorous degreasing,sterilization,dyeing,silk processing,the feathers maintaining permanent silky luster and elegant inherent of high quality. What will you receive in the box? 1 x feather calligraphy dip pen 1 x ink bottle with high quality ink 5 x stainless steel pen nib in different sizes 1 x golden wax seal 1 x engraved pen holder 1x Novelty Stamp 1x Candle 1x Spoon 1 x premium gift box