• Printing instructions: front single-sided full printing..
  • One size: 17.5cmX41cmX39cm, 6.9X16X15.4 inch.
  • This multi-functional waterproof backpack is suitable for swimming, sports, fitness, hiking, cycling, travel, hiking, camping, overnight, vacation, yoga, running, shopping, party and more..
  • A zipper card pocket in a main pocket for storing mobile phones, wallets, keys, etc. A TPU waterproof barrier for wet clothing. A separate zippered shoe compartment at the bottom..
  • Drawstring design, just open the two ropes to open, tighten the two ropes to tighten the pockets..
  • Imported from UK.
This bag is made of hexagonal waterproof PU fabric to make it strong and wearable. The printing effect is bright and bright, and the body is full and strong. Drawstring design: It is very convenient to open and close. It can take good internal items without worrying about losing items. It is very convenient, and you can adjust the length of the shoulder strap by yourself. Just tie a knot under the rope. The biggest feature is that there is a TPU waterproof isolation layer inside the bag, so that you can carry dry and wet items at the same time. The bottom also has an independent shoe compartment. The partition is clear and can be easily and easily put on the slippers, eliminating the need to put the shoes together in the clothes, the computer Jacquard cored elastic nylon shoulder strap is not easy to shoulder, more comfortable when carrying.