• ✅ LUGGAGE TAGS PRECISION ENGINEERED FROM HIGH-QUALITY ALUMINIUM designed to protect, secure and identify your luggage, suitcases, bags and belongings and withstand the harsh conditions of extensive travel. Available in a range of colours from Gold to Silver with a tough heavy duty stainless steel cable loop to secure the tag to your belongings. Is your luggage as strong? There is going to be a colour for you. Travel essentials they are!.
  • ✅ PERSONALISED LUGGAGE LABELS designed to last and endure the rigours of travel. The design of the luxury bag tags means they come with a blank address card or can be replaced with your own printed address label identifier. In bright recognisable colours these coloured baggage tags are EASILY IDENTIFIABLE. As they can be personalised they are ideal set of Mr and Mrs Luggage Tags, even wedding favours or place cardholder. And great school kids luggage tags!.
  • ✅ IDEAL FOR ANY BAGAGGE OW-Travel custom bag tags can be used for all kinds of holiday travel: cruises as cruise ship baggage is constantly unloaded they are essential travel items. Ideal for checked plane luggage: golf bags, baby prams, ski and music equipment to make identification easy and airplane also: hand luggage, carry-on bags, laptop bags, camera bags suit bags, handbags, daypacks, backpacks, diaper bags, gym bags, medical briefcase, handbag, electronic equipment and briefcases.
  • ✅ ID CARD HOLDERS. The luggage tags are designed to accommodate most standard BUSINESS CARD / TRAVEL CARD / FREQUENT FLYER CARD HOLDER. They can even hold oyster cards. The wire loops used for attaching the luggage tags means they are an ideal keyring which can be clearly labelled..
  • ✅ TOTAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK, that's our promise to you. Try something new without the risk. Looking for travellers accessories gift ideas? The lugggae tag make a funky little novelty present and are presented in a smart white box. Click on the Add to Cart button and Buy Now!.
  • Imported from UK.
Size Name:1 Pack Colour Name:Gold ✅ TOTAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK, that's our promise to you ✅ Premium Quality Aluminium Luggage Tags by OW-TRAVEL are uniquely customisable making your luggage easy to identify and durable enough to last a lifetime ✅ How To Minimize The Chance of Losing Your Checked-in Luggage Many of the bags coming down the conveyor belt at arrivals may look just like yours It's easy to accidentally pick up someone else's bag and it happens a lot. I am guilty of this ✅ Rule number one for avoiding lost luggage is to label your luggage properly and make it easy to identify: On your OW-TRAVEL luggage tag, write your name, destination address and if possible a phone number or email address where you can be reached while traveling. Exclude your home address, anyone seeing it will know it's safe to break into your empty home Print the same information on paper and put it inside the suitcase on top of your belongings, where it will be visible as soon as someone opens the case Personalise the outside of your luggage with distinguishing marks. A brightly-coloured cloth tied to the handle is easy to spot. Day-Glo stickers or tape along the sides may be unsightly but they will make your bag highly visible, even across the room The only airline tag on your luggage should be the one from the flight you are on. Remove older tags before each flight, not to confuse baggage handlers ✅ Dimensions Handy dimensions to see if the luggage tag is the right size for you: LUGGAGE TAG SIZE: 6cmx10.5cmx0.3cm MAXIMUM BUSINESS CARD: 5.6cmx9.6cm VISIBLE WINDOW OF LUGGAGE TAG: 4.4cmx7.4cm CABLE LENGTH: 16.3cm STANDARD ATM CARD-SIZE: 8.60cm×5.4cm Click the "Add to Cart" Button to order NOW!