• Imported from UK.
    Sauber Phamra opaque line Smooth knit tights 70DEN Entirely made of Lycra with double coating, stockings and tights of the Classic Line have great durability and maintain over time the action of graduated compression, thus preventing the tights to deform and lose its effect. They are available in 4 different types of deniers: 70 DEN 13-17 mmHg MIDDLE TONING MASSAGE: it carries a toning leg and preventive variceal useful when the first "capillaries." Attenuates the feeling of heavy legs and suffering, reduces swelling and medium scale tingling legs. opaque line The opaque line, consisting of tights, knee-highs and gives the leg a feeling of warmth and a bright and intense effect. Made with innovative yarn QSKIN®, a new microfibre bacteriostatic silver ion. Q-Skin ® acts on the sock: Hypoallergenic, thanks to the silver ions as an antibacterial agent on the sock. Breathable, hygienic and comfortable, it helps keep the skin fresh and clean. Washable, silver ions are inserted directly into the fiber, preserving the characteristics of the product over time.