GiveIT2Me French Fry Cutter, Potato Chipser, Finger Chipser & Fruit Slicer(French Fry Cutter)

Product Description

Dishwasher Safe

Material: Plastic

GiveIT2Me Potato Cutter Cuts Potato Very Easily,Perfect and Compact Solution For Finger Chips, So Safe and That Even The
Child Can Use It,Cuts Apples,Pears and Potatoes Cuts The Apple Evenly In Equal Parts,Saves Time As There Is No Need To
Manually Cut Them Using Ordinary Knife, Wide Handles Give A Good Grip And Ensure Optimum Transmission Of Pressure.
Dishwasher Safe
Material: Plastic
: French Fry Cutter
Brand: GiveIT2Me
Model Number: BEFFCP
Model Name: French Fry Cutter, Potato Chipser, Finger Chipser &
Electric: No
Color: Pink
Body Material: Plastic
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe: Yes

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