• Air-bubble Proof, Anti Fingerprint, Scratch Resistant.
  • Mobile.
  • Impossible Screen Guard.
    A strong plastic, textile, or other material containing embedded glass filaments for reinforcement. PLEASE READ ABOVE BEFORE PURCHASING. THIS IS A GLASS FIBER SCREEN PROTECTOR and not a tempered glass. YOU GET COMPLETE PROTECTION NOW WITHOUT THE TENSION OF BROKEN GLASSES AS WAS THE CASE WITH NORMAL TEMPERED GLASSES.The screen guard is completely bendable, unbreakable, extra 10x HD clear and superior high hardness. Easy to apply and re-apply even for a novice user. Perfect fit and relatively easy to apply, the screen protector leaves no bubbles behind. Smooth surface prevents finger prints on the screen. Air-bubble Proof, Anti Fingerprint, Scratch Resistant Mobile Impossible Screen Guard Designed For: Apple iPhone 7 Plus Color: Transparent Sales Package: screen guard