Helps to pound meats, such as chicken, steak, beef to the desired thickness without getting your hands messy. This easy to use meat tenderizer will easily tenderize or flatten meats for your favorite recipes. Get ready to start tenderizing, crushing, smashing food, tenderize meats, crush garlic, nuts, whole pepper, ice & more. For best results, trim away excess fat and place meat in the freezer for about 30-minutes to chill, but not long enough to freeze. Chilled cuts work best. Before tenderizing, always place a cutting board under the meat to protect counter-tops. With a firm pressure, strike the cut with the toothed surface of the mallet, working thicker areas more and thinner areas less. Be careful not to break all the way through the meat. Approx Weight 450 gms, length : 29 cm : 1 Piece of Aluminium Meat Tenderizer Brand: Seiko Model Number: B07JBVK464 Type: Hammer Body Material: Aluminium