• Δ Lightweight and compact abs roller, does not take much time to assemble and convenient to use and carry. Perfect exexcise equipment for travel..
  • Δ Wider wheels design adds to overall stability of rolling motion, Make it perfect for beginners. Built-in spring, automatic rebound roller, perfect protection of muscles from strain..
  • Δ The ab wheel roller can be used on any surface including hardwood flooring, carpet and cement flooring and make no noise while using..
  • Δ Ab roller wheels to exercise the muscles on your abdomen, back, arms and shoulders. Suitable for both home and gym exercises. 40 x 19 x 19cm.
  • Δ Customers are all our friends, if you have any problems, please contact us at any time..
  • Imported from UK.
So you've just found the best ab roller there is. Congratulations! The abdominal exercise wheel is both lightweight and durable, making it easy and safe. This means it's perfect for use at home or in the gym! Widened anti-skid wheel ensure exceptional stability, while artificial handle made of natural rubber guarantee unparalleled comfort and easy of use! Non-slip. Most importantly, the ab roller machine provides numerous health benefits! Not only does it improve muscle strength and definition in the arms, abs, back and shoulders. Back pain isn't due to illness, it can be combatted by having a strong core. By strengthening the core muscles around the abdomen and back, you can strengthen and stabilise the middle of the body. it also improves core strength and stability, providing full-body benefits! Thank you for coming, wish you a happy healthy life.