Universal Tool Unisex Razor Comb Home Hair Cut Scissor (With 6 Bonus Replacement Razors)

Product Description

4 Cutting Lengths: Extra Short Hair Short Hair Medium Hair Light Hair

Color: Red or Blue (Shipped at Random)

Includes 6 Bonus Replacement Razors

Imported from INDIA

The double sided unisex razor comb will allow you to cut your hair as you comb it and can be used to shapes, styles,
shaves, trims, thins and tapers your hair. Easy and convenient use at home the razor comb features 2 edges and a regular
comb on the other end. Colors vary and ship at random. If the blades begin to dull the included bonus 5 razors will come
in handy to replace and reuse with the razor comb. Please Note: Results will vary as every persons hair has different
textures and styles

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