• Made in Germany by EULIT, a company founded in 1924.
  • Piece length 125mm / 75mm; total length 200mm (7-7/8") excluding buckle.
  • Fitted with a 22mm polished steel buckle.
  • Buckle securely double-stitched into place.
  • To determine your strap size, measure the distance (in millimeters) between the lugs of your watch.
  • Imported from UK.
This summer weight, woven two-piece Perlon strap was made by EULIT, a German company founded in 1924. Lightweight, breathable and washable, the strap is 100% waterproof and sealed at the end to prevent fraying. The Palma Pacific style is the most rugged of EULIT's Perlon line. The ropelike braided construction and lack of sizing holes allow you to adjust the fit to your exact specifications.