• 3x sachets (28g) for 20-25L (5.3 - 6.6 US Gallons).
  • High Alcohol Mead Making Yeast with Nutrients and Vitamins.
  • Fermentation usually complete in 1 week..
  • Fermenting temperature: 20-30C (68-80F)..
  • Pitch Directly onto must. Starter not required..
  • Imported from USA.
3x Packs Bulldog Mead Yeast & Nutrient 28g for 20-25L Fermentation is usually finished in 1 week but can take longer. High Alcohol tolorace up to 18% ABV Dosage: 1 sachet (28g) for up to 20-25L (5.3 - 6.6 US Gallons) Fermenting temperature: 20-30C (68-80F). Pitching: Sprinkle on top of must, no starter required. Storage recommendation: Store cool. All Bulldog Products available from our Shop