• Set of 3.
    CD Wallets prove to be a handy tool when you need to indulge in bulk storage of your CD collection and when you need to carry it around. The Solo Computer CD Wallet is extensively used by students, professionals, gamers and DJs for numerous storage purposes. The Solo Computer CD Wallet is made out of super-fine quality material, which makes it look attractive and classy. This Solo Computer CD Wallet has been designed and manufactured in an ergonomic fashion, making it a handy tool for carrying a bulk of CDs around. The Inner Pockets can accommodate a total of 32 CDs at one time and are well-protected by the Zipper Closure on the outside, which prevents them from falling or slipping out. All of these pockets are thick and durable so that the CDs are safeguarded from unnecessary scratches and cracks. The ergonomic style and design of this Solo Computer CD Wallet makes it a handy tool for the owner. The Strong Polycover of this Solo Computer CD Wallet makes it convenient to store in it in your shelves or on the rack. Set of 3 Model Name: CD 032 CD Holder: Yes Other Convenience Features: 32 CD Capacity, Zipper Closure Other Features: * CD Wallet to Hold 32 Cds * Zipper Closure * Super-fine Quality * CD Case Made of Strong Polycover * Thick and Durable CD Pockets