• Made of black galaxy ceramic.
  • Measuring 2.9 inches long, 2.7 inches wide and 4.9 inches high.
  • Each one is unique. One wears the cassock and has a glittering staff in hand. One is walking at a leisurely pace in a rain hat, carrying a backpack. The another one is sweeping the leaves with a broom.
  • You can enjoy a simpler, more pastoral, and more peaceful life.
  • Imported from USA.
Color:Buddhist Abbot This is a kind of ceramics crafts with modern simplicity. These monk figures are cute which can attract attention and also they are meaningful. The three monks represent the meaning of meditation and reflection. They will bring peace and tranquility to any environment. They are also good gifts to friends or family. This masterfully crafted statue is perfect for any home or garden in need of some additional serenity.