Product Description

Side Window Sun Shade

Color: Black

Suction Cup

Pack of 4

Weight: 175 g

Description:- Sick Of Getting Sun Burned In Your Car. Does The Blazin" Sun Heat Your Car Up Fast. Reduce The Heat and
Glare In Your Car Starting Today. Super Awesome Collapsible Auto Sun Shade!! This Is Gonna Help You Beat The Heat!!
Saves You Money On Gas Too!! These are an absolute must have for every vehicle you own! Not only will your passengers
appreciate this, but it"s gonna SAVE YOU MONEY at the same time! I don't have to tell you that driving around in the
heat can take its toll not only on you and your passengers, but also your car itself! The windows of your car act like a
greenhouse - magnifying and intensifying the suns heat. This greatly increasing the effects of the suns harmful rays and
increases the temperature inside of your car. The increased temperature inside your car makes your air conditioning work
harder, causing you to waste even more money on gas! And we all could save money on gas these days!! Not to mention the
powerful rays of the sun fade and wear out your upholstery much quicker, too! Well , you can't control the sun but you
CAN CONTROL HOW MUCH SUN GET"S INTOYOUR CAR! This is a sure-fire way to beat the heat and drive in comfort all year
long! These work much like the shades in your home, only these are lightweight and specially designed for the inside of
your automobile! Just untwist the shade and stick the suction cup to your car window! It"s that easy!! But the Auto
Shade isn't just for your car, it"s perfect for trucks, boats and even RV"s! You'll want to be sure to grab one for each
vehicle!! After all, sure beats paying the high cost of gas to heat the inside of a hot car!
Side Window Sun Shade
Color: Black
Suction Cup
Pack of 4
Weight: 175 g
Model Number: C4B266 - Premium Quality Car Auto Window Side Sunshade Curtains
Model Name: Subaru Outback
Material: Nylon
Foldable: Yes
Reflects Heat: Yes
UV Ray Protection: Yes
Other Features: Only For - Subaru Outback
Sales Package: 4 Pcs Car Sun Shade Curtain
Depth: 1 cm

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