• The best choice for replacing an analog oscilloscope. A simple control panel similar to an analog oscilloscope..
  • 1 channel, the horizontal system sampling rate is 100MS/s, the scanning speed is 0.05us/DIV - 0.1s/DIV, step by 1-2 - 5..
  • Bandwidth: DC: 0-10MHz, AC: 10 Hz-10MHz, sampling rate: 100MS/s..
  • 3.7in color LCD display, let you see more clearly. Low consumption, long service life, and its power consumption is <15W..
  • 130,000 wfms/s waveform capture rate, easy to capture anomalies and low probability events..
  • Imported from UK.
Specification: Condition:100% Brand New Material: Metal + Plastics Color: As shown in the picture Plug: EU, US, UK(Optional) Model AS101 Bandwidth DC:0-10MHz, AC: 10 Hz-10MHz Channel 1 Horizontal system Sample Rate 100MS/s Interpolation (Sinx)/x Scanning speed (S/DIV) 0.05us/DIV - 0.1s/DIV,step by 1-2 - 5 relay time accuracy ±100 ppm Trimming Ratio >=2.5:1 Vertical system Sensitivity 5 mV/DIV-10 V/DIV Displacement ±10DIV Sensitivity X:0.5V/DIV Y:0.1V/DIV - 1V/DIV Bandwidth(-3dB) DC: 0 -1MHz AC: 10Hz -1MHz Trigger Trigger level range ±4 DIV from the screen center Trigger level Accuracy (typical) ±0.3 DIV Trigger Sources Int, Line, Ext Trigger Mode Norm, AUTO, TV Package List: 1 x Oscilloscope 1 x Probe 1 x Probe Adjustment Kit 1 x Instruction Manual 1 x Fuse